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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


Equipped To Take Back Control of Their Lives


The Lukens Group Clients are women and men who have found themselves struggling to balance life’s challenges in general. These could be within hectic routines and schedules, overwhelming social and family pressures, serious commitments, periods of depression and stagnation, or facing a multitude of these life challenges and more. As a Lukens Group Client, we tailor our treatment plan to suit your needs by offering an accelerated three week intensive recovery experience so you can get back to your goals, your work, your families, and overall, living life to the fullest.

Our enhanced two-four week recovery plan allows you to obtain the help you need with minimal interruption to your personal life, goals or career track. The Lukens Group can provide a briefer, more efficient timetable to recovery because it is considerably more focused and powerful than traditional recovery centers. We also offer a compassionate, very personalized journey. We far surpass common treatment services that lack an integrated therapy model and theoretical foundation. For this reason, the three-week intensive program has a more robust admission requirement. Contact Us for more details..


Lukens Group Clients enter the program in various stages of the recovery process.They are highly motivated to totally transform their behavior. This includes individuals actively under the influence of substance abuse, those who have recently stopped drug or alcohol use, those who are fluctuating between relapse and abstinence, and those in a form of stabilized recovery who remain substance free but emotionally trapped and unhappy. The optimal candidates for The Lukens Methodexhibit a deep desire to transform themselves and are prepared for the hard work that our intense life-changing program requires.

The admissions process to enter the Lukens Method is very selective:

  • We only accept Clients who are emotionally and physically able to absorb the intensive interactions and emotional challenges that are brought forth in the Core Issue Completion groups and in personal therapeutic sessions. We do not accept our clients simply because they can afford to pay and convey a desire to attend our program (or are being forced against their wishes to enter a program).
  • Agreement and Adherence to the basic house codes of behavior is also required during the program for Clients to succeed and reach their goals. These include total sobriety and following our curfews. All applicants must also participate in a pre-admission interview with one of our clinicians via telephone, secure Online Video session, or in our out-patient offices to determine eligibility.
  • Outpatient treatment or Clients who need medical detoxification, we can assist by expediting rapid admission to a private concierge detox facility located in the Palm Beach/Martin County area, or in local area of choice, to help ease the transition and preparation for the work with Dr. Lukens. If required, we would be happy to set up personal medical and psychiatric consultation for Clients who are currently enrolled in our plan.

Let’s discuss how The Lukens Method™ may help you.

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