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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


Weekly Inpatient Treatment Program

5-Day Outpatient Treatment Program

3-Day Outpatient Treatment Program

Weekly Alumni Inpatient Treatment program

1 Day Intensive Treatment Session

½ Day Intensive Treatment Session (3 Hours)

Hourly Session with a Certified Lukens Therapist

Hourly Session with Dr. Michael Lukens


What is our Weekly Inpatient Treatment Program?

The Weekly Inpatient Treatment Program is a structured therapeutic program consisting of a minimum of 25 hours of therapeutic services per week.  Therapy is provided  at our   clinic’s location in Stuart, FL. Therapeutic Services emphasize the power of the small group, but also include individual and family therapy.

What are our 3/5 Day Outpatient Treatment Programs?

Our 3/5 Day Outpatient treatment Programs deliver the same structured Therapeutic program as our Inpatient Treatment at a lower cost for the Client. However, it does not include Housing or 24/7 Guest Services.

What are Lukens Intensives?

Available in 1-3 day formats, Lukens Intensives are a truly unique and powerful therapeutic method- Core Issue Completion Therapy®- that focuses on the fundamental emotional issues that are the root cause of any behavioral disorder such as addiction. These intensely powerful day long sessions assist individuals, couples or families in uncovering the key motivations driving their undesirable behavior, laying the foundation for ever-lasting change.

Certified Lukens Therapists

Our Therapists have been highly trained in The Lukens Method™ and Core Issue Completion Therapy®, and are professionals that hold advanced degrees, certifications and licensure.

Hours of Operation

Therapeutic services are available Monday thru Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.