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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


We help you discover the Core Causes of Drug Dependency


Our objective analysis of the history of drug dependency shows that individuals struggling with drug addiction have a controlling need to cover up life experiences that are simply much too traumatic and painful to deal with on their own. So many people in today’s society are struggling, and Dr. Lukens designed his Core Issue Completion Therapy® to help them along in this pervasive lack of preparation for the unique modern stresses we all face.

For most people, the evidence points to enduring life patterns that originate from multiple emotional sources. The hurt and severe pain they are trying to hide often is directly connected to the support that wasn’t there — as in situations of parental indifference, chronic neglect or the complete absence of family and loved ones. These core issues continually manifest without us even being aware of them, yet will continue to cycle until we choose the end the cycle. Dr. Lukens has discovered a methodology of self discovery, and the creation of your own unique, awareness supporting strategies that help break you free from the cycle and empower you to deal with situations and emotions that trigger these core issues positively.

The longing to escape emotional pain and the negative memories produces forms of acting out that involve rebellion, or defiant ways to “get even” at one’s parents or other authority figures that seem to be abusive, controlling, uncaring, inflexible, or constantly demanding. This early desire for escape often leads to years of drug overuse that most people find almost impossible to overcome without help.

Likewise, individuals faced with prescription drug dependency also constantly strive to break free of these strong emotional drives and fall into a similar trap. This due to the fact that physical pain and numerous psychiatric issues are treated with extremely addictive prescription medications. Despite properly following the doctor’s instructions, patients still develop strong dependencies. The dependency point inevitably arrives where one cannot envision dealing with life without their choice drug. For most people, depression and low-grade chronic anxiety lie beneath the need for constant self-medication. However, when patients stop taking prescribed medications, their powerful feelings of anxiety and depression can overwhelm them – causing them to panic, and thereby triggering a compulsive drive to seek more prescription drugs.

Here at The Lukens Group, you are gently guided into discovery of those core emotional situations that were present at the start of your drug dependency, as well as those that are currently in play. Our goal is to help you recognize these underlying issues and heal from the ever present emotional pain at the heart of your drug abuse.

“We don’t just get people to feel better, we help them get better at feeling.”

~ Dr. Michael Lukens

Ironically, persons struggling with prescription drug dependency are faced with identical challenges as those whose addictive behavior materialized through other ways. Recovery and treatment still require the examination of the unique core issues in order to eliminate the motivations fueling dependency and to protect against chronic relapse. Dr. Lukens created a very, personal, individualized method; just as every individual has their own unique life experience, every individual has their own unique journey into recovery. The Lukens Treatment Center offers you the space, a positive and healthy form of escape, so you can embark on your unique journey in a private, compassionate, yet casual, comfortable atmosphere. We know you want to get on with your life and begin to enjoy things again, and that is why The Lukens Method is designed to be an in-depth, swift self discovery process . . . so you can recover, or create for the first time, the life you’ve been searching for.

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