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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
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Revealing the Core Causes of Addiction


Within our national culture, alcohol is sanctioned as a way to have a good time, relieve stress, and even elevate the ego. It is our legal social drug, with most social gatherings involving an expectation of its presence. Since alcohol use is so widely accepted in this regard, it is the most commonly abused substance in our society. If you are struggling to control your intake of alcohol, it is critically important to recognize the drivers beneath your addiction so you can finally break-free once and for all. The Lukens Method™ is your guide through this process, so you can get back to enjoying life, and empowered to participate in social situations without the issues and problems. We offer you a unique, individualized process that ‘features’ you and ‘what makes you tick.’

There are many reasons why a person becomes dependent upon alcohol. Alcohol use can start as an enjoyable social lubricant, helping to relieve feelings of stress, social discomfort and anxiety.Dependence on alcohol is a progressive condition, beginning as a form of stress relief, a way to sleep. Over time the reliance upon its use becomes compulsively driven, to the point that you find you cannot participate or function in life without it. Due to the fact that alcohol is the most commonly accessed anti-anxiety substance in the world,countless people have moved beyond occasional use.

Of course, many individuals use alcohol without forming a dependence on the substance. This leaves those who fight addiction with alcohol to ask the important question: “Why me?”

A common reason individuals become dependent upon alcohol is that they are simply attempting to hide from or numb painful feelings and experiences. In other words, alcohol use evolves over time into a form of self-medication or psychological crutch. The reason you fight to control your alcohol dependency for so long is purely from a lack of understanding of the core issues driving the addictive behavior. Identifying and comprehending the unresolved emotional issues that are generating the unwanted ‘feeling states’ is critically important to adopting effective treatment and recovery. Here at The Lukens Treatment Center, we teach you how to lift the veil and uncover the fundamental genesis of your dependence on alcohol,, and complete the process by fostering actionable awareness you use to work for your life unique situation and circumstances.. Our objective is to guide you on your journey in understanding the core issues that have been holding you hostage, eliminate the deeply-seated emotional trauma at the heart of your addiction, so you are freed up enough to achieve a full recovery. This is the reproducible outcome of Dr. Lukens’ Core Completion Therapy®.

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