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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


Alcoholism and drug dependency are not conditions unto themselves. They are a collection of behaviors and impulses activated by underlying emotional or psychological issues – what Dr. Lukens refers to as “core issues.” This is precisely why Dr. Lukens developed his unique Core Issue Completion Therapy®. The Lukens Group provides this highly effective alternative addiction treatment program that deals directly with these core issues, yet surpasses traditional recovery methods due to its intensive, individualized process, and full-circle approach to lay the foundation to create lasting results. Dr. Lukens’ Method offers a smooth, swift discovery process surrounded around your unique life experience and circumstances. Once this new awareness is present, then customized, actionable techniques and tools are created that are directly relevant to you specific core issues to help you learn how to stop the cycle of addictive behaviors right in their tracks.

CORE DIFFERENCES OF THE LUKENS METHOD™ . Although we are discovering daily many more differences from traditional recovery methods, here are just a few that currently put The Lukens Method™ as the signature “core” of recovery process:

  • Dr. Lukens has established that addictive behaviors are outward expressions of emotional forces going on inside. These addictive behaviors do not develop simply due to a genetic predisposition, personality deficiencies, or an incipient disease process. Serious misunderstandings have permeated our culture’s perspective on addiction as it relates to the concepts of disease, genetic and personality causation. The end results are that commonly available treatments that attempt to address these conditions will most often fall short and prove inadequate.
  • 12 Step approaches like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) have evolved as social movements that have helped millions of people start down the tenuous path to personal recovery. Unfortunately, many people wind up lost or are left stranded on the path along the way. This is because of outdated methods that lack individualized, true scientific analysis and understanding of the emotional forces that influence motivational behavior and treatment for the modern world. These factors, along with lack of speicific individualized application to modern ways can inhibit progress. Also, the large amount of varied personalities from different backgrounds can be overwhelming to an individual early in recovery, and can tend to disrupt the individualized process and attention that is so needed at the beginning.
  • The Lukens Group offers a high-powered, truly individualized alternative to traditional and current mainstream approaches that zeros in on the critical core issues that induce addictive behavior patterns. Our alternative addiction recovery program takes those individuals struggling with addiction into a fuller, more robust resolution of the critical core issues that have drastically limited their quality of life for so long.
  • Our unique program allows clients to uncover the hidden motivations that cause them to ” self-medicate” with substances, creating severe emotional dependencies that become deeply ingrained over time. Lukens then teaches clients to resolve these destructive motivations, unraveling the hidden forces behind their addictive behaviors and assisting them in becoming whole again.
  • Creating and teaching the application of customized actionable techniques and tools for long-term results…Completion. The Lukens Method is designed around around each individual’s unique life experiences: swift awareness of their core issues, and the building of life tools that are directly relevant to their individual “core-hot-buttons.” We offer a results-driven recovery process that does everything possible to provide the completion therapy that lays a realistic, strong foundation for a lifetime free from addictive behaviors.

Since this recovery program is intense and challenging, we provide world class clinical support and therapeutic programs designed to fit an person’s unique requirements. Of course, many clients we help have already experienced other therapies and recovery facilities before entering the Lukens program. The reason these other methods were not successful is that they did not provide a healing, therapeutic atmosphere that afforded the opportunities to uncover the individual’s core set of behavioral motivations. Due to it’s rare individualized intensity and accomodations to the exclusive needs of its Clients, The Lukens Method is unique in its intensity and is simply not available from any other recovery plan.

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