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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


A Revolutionary Treatment Experience


Widely renowned for its unique approach to addiction treatment services designed for high functioning individuals, The Lukens Group combines client tailored abstinence-based motivationalclarification and relapse prevention strategies with Dr. Lukens’ trademarked Core Issue Completion Therapy® to identify, process and resolve emotional/behavioral issues that so often keep people trapped in patterns of chronic addiction.

Dr. Lukens’ exceptionally intense addiction treatment programs deal with core emotional issues that cause continuing relapse, emotional vulnerability and persistent unhappiness even after the initial success at stopping drug or alcohol use.

These issues and emotional triggers often include dysfunctional family dynamics, the legacy of childhood trauma, wounds and abuse, as well as other family-of-origin issues such as unresolved personal grief, death of a parent or sibling, personal abandonment, neglect, divorce, or family patterns of drug abuse and alcoholism.

The common failure of most recovery programs to recognize and work through these highly emotional and hidden roadblocks frequently contributes not only to personal relapse, but also to chronic problems of anger, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, emotional numbness, unsatisfying relationships and poor self-esteem.

The Lukens Method- Core Issue Completion Therapy®- provides a truly unique Alternative Addiction Treatment service which stands apart from the crowded field of “one-size-fits-all” plans that are either outdated, overcrowded, or simply missing that individualization. We believe everyone is unique, just as their life experiences are; therefore, it is impossible for any truly successful recovery to not have this as part of its core focus. The work done at this level produces Profound Change, and Lasting Results.

Exclusively available only through The Lukens Group, our addiction treatment services combine intensive group therapeutic sessions with personalized individual psychotherapy, giving clients a revolutionary breakthrough experience that takes them far beyond what common alcohol or drug addiction recovery programs are able to accomplish.