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Our Treasure Coast Treatment Center Provides:

  • Monthly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • Weekly Inpatient Treatment Programs
  • 5-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • 3-Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Hourly Sessions with a Certified Lukens Therapist
  • Free Aftercare in Most Cases


Ideal Recovery can only happen in the ideal environment


Dr. Lukens’ Clients┬áparticipating in his entireRecovery Treatment┬áProgram stay at one of our housing facilities that helps put you at ease. Located only a few miles from The Lukens Group main offices and center provides our guests with a comfortably lush, and peaceful private world surrounded by calming lake, tropical breezes, and beautiful tropical foliage. The guesthouse is an ideal oasis for a life-changing journey to begin, the ideal environment for you to fully experience and benefit from your discovery work with Dr. Lukens.


The Lukens Group Housing provides:

COMFORT and TRANQUILITY: Quite residential neighborhood with an inviting pool.

TECHNOLOGY: Exclusively created to be a familiar environment with Wi-Fi and a fully-equipped computer and work area with unlimited access. The house blends the peaceful tranquility of a house that meet the demands of all individuals in today’s technology.

NOURISHMENT: Every day, meals are provided and the kitchen is stocked with all the necessities, from healthy snacks and teas available at all hours.

CONCEIRGE: Our friendly and open hearted concierge-style staff is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that you feel comfortable, welcome and at home.

Guest may bring their own cells, laptops, and other personal devices. Of course, these enhanced personal freedoms that are afforded by these fine accommodations impose greater responsibilities on our guests to follow the basic house rules, including adhering to our curfews and remaining completely alcohol and drug free throughout the duration of their stay with us. We meet with you to discuss and plan your individual situation and needs.

Ready to plan your “ME” time with us? Call 24/7 at (888) 689-6962 – it’s Free & Confidential.